Early birdy...-12 deg C and 416km later

Early outlanding by the highway.
High pressure, easterly winds 15 knots, -2 deg C.

Enroute to Herning

Plucking 'VD' out of the hangar. It is cold but beatifull  weather.

Heading west towards Skjern at 4.500' and -12 deg C. Cloudstreets continue well out  over the North Sea.

Laven Station and the lakes are still quite frozen.
After 416km I landed out on the west coast near Skjern on a perfect field frozen hard as concrete. Couldn't feel my feet and the 15knot wind did not help when I got out. 

Only 200m from my plane I was invited inside to warm coffee and cookies. I ate all the cookies.
The moon setting over 'VD'.
A bit early in the season for gliding. At least most of the snow here on the west coast has melted.

Beautiful end to the day. 2 hours later enroute with 'VD' in tow, thanks to Anders Husted Madsen who had volunteered as crew today.

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