West Coast Hustling

Is this April? Is this grass?!

Easter days on the eastern new part of Arnborg airfield. 
Cruising up the west coast from the border

Cloudbase at 6.000' and -12 deg. celcius

Stubble to keep the face warm...and 5 layers of clothes. Sun helped!

Coming up on Rømø

Beautiful vista of the North Sea, clouds and shallow waters

This is april? 

3-4m/s climbs here

Rømø at port

Fanø and Esbjerg coming up


Being fortunate to experience all this

Coming up on Skive via Karup

Next turnpoint is Hobro

Turning Hobro

After a return to the west coast via Skjern, 550km 6:30 later landing at Arnborg

The migrating swans are coming back. Beautiful end to a great day.

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