609km in changing weather

Aarhus bay seen from the noth
Today was an interesting day. The front to the SE dissolved and the Cu's started everywhere but not at the same rate. On our second east-bound leg to the east coast Mogens and I had to abandon our declared task. Here our paths split and while Mogens flew west I continued east on to Djursland and through the Aarhus TMA and CTR.  Base was a comfortable high here at 4.500' but the thermals was very variable. After a headwind leg 136km long from Djursland to Spjald on the west coast I suffered spread out of the clouds with a base of around 3.000' and poor thermals.  I recovered from some 350m above ground to a weak cloudstreet which allowed me back into central Jutland. Amidst snowshowers at 4.500' and a short spell of icing on the wings and a fantastic view of Kattegat, I went on final glide via Skarrild and back to Arnborg. Good practice!
Today's undeclared task

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  1. Ice on the wings? Sounds dicy. Glad you made it back OK :).